"The Book"

The Great Gratitude Adventure is "The Book", the vessel that holds The Five Volumes below as well as their accompanying Facebook pages and blog sites.

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The Five Volumes

1- Gratitude4You - Connecting and opening through the magic of Appreciation, Gratitude, and Acknowledgment.  
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2- Coconut Sundae Afternoons - Weaving our human nature and intimacy to new dimensions. 
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3- Empathy - eyes of the heart  --  Preserving humankind by living and expanding empathy. 
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4- Second Wind - A wind to fill your sails  --  Our life changes spectacularly when we step into what it is that you "always wanted to do."  Really.
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5- Light Years - Getting to know your neighborhood  --  Learn some things about your planet and the universe you live in and your world view changes.

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