Being a Human Being

Back in 1965 when I was about 14 I thought I had a pretty good handle on what life was all about. There was a nine year old boy who lived next door and I remember thinking, “If only I could teach him what I know, he’d really be ahead in life.”

Rather naive of me, but isn’t that the way that life shows up for most of us? Isn’t there some unexpressed notion that “I’ve got it figured out and as soon as the rest of y’all do this world will be a better place.”? Is that why we tend to hold fast to our opinions and thoughts as though they were “The Truth”? Isn’t there something inside of us that knows “The Way It Is”?

That’s the way it always seemed to me, but if I look at how I’ve grown through the years, it’s been about growing, expanding, evolving, learning. Yet at each step I still held it that This Is The Way It Is. Is it just me or is this a trait of human nature?

This section is about this wild and exciting ride we call life and living as a human being on planet Earth at this time in history.

The topics on the left navigation bar delve into my exploration into this great mystery – this being of human beings. My suspicion is that this journey is rather wide spread, and if you’ve come to this website you’re most likely on a similar journey. Welcome.

I like the simplicity of these 10 rules.  (I'm not positive that they necessarily came from the Ancient Sanskrit, but what the heck.)

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