Why is it called Coconut Sundae Afternoons?

We’d like to let you in on a little secret:  where the name Coconut Sundae Afternoons came from.

We call our journey "Coconut Sundae Afternoons at the Fireside Studio Under a Velvet Crescent Moon." We've shortened it to "Coconut Sundae Afternoons".

We have discovered the pleasures of using coconut oil to enhance our intimacy, and the smell and taste of coconut became a big part of our intimate dates that we have every Sunday afternoon, and one afternoon the name Coconut Sundae Afternoons popped up.  The "Sundae" being, of course, a play on our delight in Coconut Bliss ice cream and Sunday afternoons.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Coconut Sundae Afternoons evolved and revealed itself in the three plus years that Patty and I (Lorenzo) have been in relationship.  

As in all relationships we both brought our selves, our hopes, and our histories.  Histories include both our assets and our baggage.   

Since our pre-teen years, when I became aware of the opposite sex, I have been enrolled in The School of Relationships.  Just like Patty has, and just like you have.

I learned, bit by bit, partner by partner, joy by joy, disaster by disaster, learning by learning.

It’s an ongoing conversation about where mulife has come to and things I did that contributed to where I am and where I’m moving towards.

Coconut Sundae Afternoons (CSA) is not intended as a training manual or a how to guide for living a more fulfilling life.  It’s not about teaching you how to succeed in your relationships, or how to be richer or happier,  or how to have extraordinary sex.

It is reflections and observations on Human Nature and the Joys of Intimacy.

We hope that we can offer up some insights and observations that can make a difference in your life.