Welcome to

       Coconut Sundae Afternoons

In early March of 2013, my partner Patty "nudged" me about getting out of my "waiting mode" in my life and step into what inspires me. Those weren't her exact words, but in the hours after her nudging that's what I chose them to mean.

At that point I looked to see what would give my life the biggest boost, the most juice, and I knew that it was time to start on The Book, the conversation we'd been wanting to share with others.

                Thank you, Patty, my life REALLY is NOT the same.

At Coconut Sundae Afternoons (CSA) Patty and I (Lorenzo) are looking at how extraordinary our intimacy is and what allowed it to develop in the ways that it has. For 30+ years I have been exploring what it is to be a human being and what opens up in looking into one of the Great Mysteries of mankind. Living, getting along, and surviving in this complex and often unforgiving world is a challenge and a mystery.

There are now over 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people, human beings, alive on planet Earth at this time. All of us trying our best to make it safely and sanely from the beginning to the end. Trying to get a handle on how it’s supposed to work, searching for an “owner’s manual” that will guide us along the path with the least amount of trouble and the greatest amount of joy.

CSA is about taking time to look at what I’ve learned along my journey that allows me a worldview that feels fulfilling, nurturing, exciting, and a whole lot of other things that I really like. 


I’ve learned that there is a lot of power and wonder when I live in questions. Not looking for an immediate answer, but an open question that is inviting answers to keep coming. The questions are my guides as well as the “crowbars” that reveal, bit by bit, new realms. Each bit altering my view of the world that I experience with my senses, mind and heart. Opening and expanding my World View, my Point of View.

Questions like:

• Where do I fit in this universe?

• What happens in my life when I include gratitude?

• Am I really an organism, just like every other living thing on this vast        planet? Or am I “special” and set apart?

• Does Life come at me, or can I have an effect on how it shows up?

• Do fun and nurturing and fulfilling and satisfying and supportive
and loving (keep adding to the list on your own) relationships
really exist? For more than 3 months?

Another way of saying it, is that as I’ve been exploring questions for thirty years and more, I’ve been generating, living in, and watching as my life unfolds, and that is an ongoing alteration, refinement, of my World View. At this point I have to say that I’m very pleased.

My brightest Mirror is my beloved Patty.

What we have been creating in the last 3+ years has on-goingly seemed so impossible for so long that we have decided to declare that it is, indeed, possible. Possible to come together fearlessly and more open and receptive than we could have imagined. We are wondrously surprised how life keeps showing up as we immerse ourselves ever deeper into our Coconut Sundae Afternoons.

Our Coconut Sundae Afternoons are what we call our intimate dates that we have promised one another to have every Sunday afternoon. They allow us to reconnect very sweetly and deeply, and they help us to “recalibrate” ourselves so we don’t get swallowed up by the intensity of modern life. We come back into our Selves and we come back into our Togetherness. The You, the Me, the Us.

This is where Coconut Sundae Afternoons came from. This is the Spring that feeds us.

We thought we would like to find a way to connect with others regarding what we think and feel are gifts that were given to us over and over by Man and Woman, Goddess and God, the Feminine and the Masculine, the Two Sided Veil.

The truth is, we’ve been having so much fun that we wanted to find a way of "bottling" what we’ve been experiencing, and offering it to anyone who might resonate with it, that they take with them what feeds them if they want.


We invite you to explore these pages and see if anything fits in your life, in your own explorations. Our intention is not to tell anyone what to do, but to share what we’ve come up with so that you and others can see if it has any value in your lives.


Lorenzo and Patty
Nevada City, California